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Green Cities Europe Congress


29.06.2022 Floriade EXPO 2022 - Almere

Green Cities Europe Congress

Europe meets Dutch theory and practice

From European, national and urban goals to realization in practice: how can we use green cities to contribute to the SDGs, the Green Deal and other climate and livability goals?

On June 29, 2022, the annual Green Cities Europe congress took place, this time at Floriade Expo 2022. The goal of the congress was to clearly outline the importance of green in European cities and then inspire with concrete solutions. The congress participants were international and national politicians, policy makers, landscape architects and entrepreneurs, coming from 9 European countries.


From theory to practice

The congress was opened by chairman of the ENA, Henk Raaijmakers. During the first half of the congress, a number of scientists from Wageningen UR and VU Amsterdam gave brief explanations of the scientifically proven effects of trees and plants on, among other things, heat, water, health, air quality and biodiversity.

Franc van der Steen, MT member Nature of the Ministry of LNV, opened the second half. In this part of the congress various municipalities and companies presented progressive, but feasible and realized example projects. Not only were examples presented from the Netherlands, but also from various countries including a large-scale project in San Francisco.

Green Cities Europe

This annual congress is part of the “Green Cities Europe” platform, an initiative of the ENA (European Nurserystock Association) and arboricultural organizations from 13 European countries. The platform provides knowledge based on scientific research, innovative ideas and technical background, to promote greening of public spaces. The presentations can also be seen below.



Chairman of ENA – Henk Raaijmakers



Heat reduction & Air quality – J.A. (Jelle) Hiemstra



Water management and Food – drs. M.B.M. (Marc) Ravesloot



Health end Learning and work performance – dr. J. (Jolanda) Maas

.PDF of the slides here: Vitamin G – Jolanda Maas (8MB)



Biodiversity – Karin Albers

.PDF of the slides here: Biodiversity in Green Cities – Karin Albers (4MB)



Value of green in (social) living enviroment – dr. J.E.M. (Judith) Klostermann

.PDF of the slides here: Nature-based solutions for social housing in the Netherlands – Judith Klostermann and Robbert Snep (2MB)



Growing trees where it seems impossible – Pieter van den Berk

.PDF of the slides here: Growing trees where it seems impossible – Piter van den Berk (6MB)



Green against walls and on roofs, inside and outside – Annelies Kieboom

.PDF of the slides here: The future is green – Annelies Kieboom (6MB)



Endless flowering for a biodiversity boost – Paul Weidema




The ‘Green as a Service’ model for quality, financing and cooperation – Ron Kervezee



Leading green concepts that create impact and generate money – Emiel Swinnen

.PDF of the slides here: The value of green – Delva (24MB)


Green returns on the most expensive real estate area in the world – Hannah Roberts and Sandra Dilberovska

.PDF of the slides here: Creating the foundations of a sustainable society – except (5MB)

Unfortunately, due to a technical problem, we do not have a recording of this presentation.

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